The Second International Conference on Innovation in information technology and business (ICIITB) will be taking place in Muscat, Oman, on April 29 & 30, 2024. It would provide an opportunity to spotlight research ideas to an international community as well as be a platform to get abreast on the latest trends in the field of Business and Information Technology.

Numerous new technologies have emerged during the last few years, quickly displacing more established ones. So far, these new technologies have been remarkably well-received and have affected the commercial environment. These innovative technologies, their effect on business, and the challenges they pose will all be covered at this conference.

Academics, researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and aspiring research scholars worldwide will have a forum to communicate their discoveries with other specialists at ICIITB 2024. The participants in such an event will also be able to build international connections for future professional partnerships and develop research or business relationships.

This Conference will be carried out in a hybrid format, allowing world-scattered researchers, academicians, business and industry professionals, and policymakers to participate in this Conference. Regular paper presentation sessions, application-focused tutorial and workshop sessions, and keynote addresses on cutting-edge technological topics will be included in the ICIITB 2024 Technical Program.