Conference Schedule

Day 1: November 9th, 2022

Venue: Hormuz Grand Hotel Muscat


Inaugural Session:

Welcome address by Prof. Dr Moosa Al Kindi, MCBS Dean

Keynote address by HE Dr. Ali Bin Amer Al Shidhani

Keynote address by Dr. Ahmed Al Maashri


Coffee and Networking

Venue: Modern College of Business and Sicence (MCBS)


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On Campus sessions - Room 4101

Online sessions


Session 1




Title: Proposal of a Framework for reducing Carbon footprint in the campus and preventive measures to reduce the emission.
Author: Jitendra Pandey, Middle East College, Oman.


Title: Use of Data in Digital Communication and Connectivity in Overcoming the Effects of Crisis


Title: Decentralized Finance System for Oman Investment Authority to Oversee Assets and Funds
Author: Vinu Sherimon, University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Oman.


Title:Moth-Flame Optimization and Ant Nesting Algorithm: A Systematic Evaluation
Author: Hanan K AbdulKarim, College of Engineering, Salahaddin University - Erbil, Erbil


Title: Machine Learning regression models for road accident injury and mortality predictions in Oman
Author: Dr. Prakash Kumar Udupi, Middle East College, Oman.


Multi-criteria decision-making on operational risk in banks


Title: Design and Execution of Secure Smart Home Environments on Visual Simulation Tool
Author: Basant Kumar, MCBS, Oman.


Title: Job Insecurity and Psychological Well-Being in the Times of COVID-19
Author: Dr. Bhanupriya Khatri,et al, Chandigarh University, Mohali, India

QA Session

QA Session




Session 3

Session 4



Title: Biometrically Authenticated Boot Loading System from USB Drive by Exploiting the Fingerprint and Finger Vein
Author: Alycia Sebastian , MCBS


Title: The XGBoost Approach Tuned by TLB Metaheuristics for Fraud Detection
Author: Aleksandar Petrovic, Singidunum University, Serbia


Title: The Past, Present and The Future of Artificial Intelligence: An innovative transition to a contemporary world 
Author: Henry Jonathan, MCBS


Title: Intrusion Detection by XGBoost Model Tuned by Improved Multi-verse Optimizer
Author :Aleksandar Petrovic, Singidunum University, Serbia


Title: Blockchain based Supply Chain for Dairy products using Ethereum

Author: Mohammed AL-Nuaimi, Arab Open University



Author: Dr Kalairasi,VSB Engineering College


Title: Fintech in Oman - Challenges and Opportunities
Author: Sultan AL Buraiki et al, MCBS, Oman


Title: Forecasting Bitcoin price by tuned long short term memory model
Author: Aleksandar Petrovic & et al, Singidunum University, Serbia

QA Session

QA Session



    Invited Paper: Fixed-Time Approach in Distributed Learning, Haider al Lawati, University of Toronto, Canada


Closing remarks by moderators

Day 2: November 10th, 2022

Venue: Modern College of Business and Sicence

On Campus sessions - Room 4101

Online sessions

9:00       Invited Paper: Customer Experience -  An emotional detection using deep learning, Philip Thomson, KPMG Consultant,  Australia
  Session 5 Session 6
9:30   Title :Impact of Blockchain Technology on Operations and Supply Chain Management Performance 
Author : Mohammed Ansari - Modern College of Business and Science
  Title: A Systematic Study of Krill Herd and FOX Algorithms
Author:  Rebwar Khalid, University of Khurdistan
  Title: Developing an Integrated Interactive Smart Content using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
Author : Vishal Middle East College 
  Title: A Tutorial on Child Drawing Development Optimization
Author: Azad Ameen, Charmo UIniversity
  Title: Feature Selection and Optimization Based Deep Learning for Rainfall Prediction           
Author: Vijaya Padmanabha , Modern College of Business and Science
  Title: Artificial Neural Network tuning by improved sine cosine algorithm for HealthCare 4.0
Author: Marija Gajevic etal, Singidinum
  Title : Transformational leadership and innovative behavior: The mediating effect of intrinsic motivation and job autonomy                      
Author: Maroua maaouia, Muscat College
  Title: The Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Security on Digital Learning Readiness
Author: Abrar Al Alawi, University of Nizwa
QA Session QA Session
11:00 Coffee Break
  Session 7 Session 8
11:30   Title: The Determinants of Bank Selection Criteria Among Students of Higher Learning and Their Implications for the Islamic Banking Industry in Oman
Author: Bashir , Modern College of Business and Science
   Invited Paper: CyberSiara: An AI to Deateat Bot Attacks Vahab IranManish, UK

Title: Blockchain in the Education Sector – A Real-time Application in the Computer Science Department at MCBS Oman

Author: Rubina Ashmi Nabin, MCBS

  Title: Impact of Covid-19 on cryptocurrencies extreme returns-volumes relationship    
Author: Muhammad Naeem, Modern College of Business and Science
  Title: Blockchain-Based IoT Security and Data Privacy Protection System
Author: Muhammed Al Wahaibi, Modern College of Business and Science
  Title: Online learning adoption in the gulf region: Mediating role of age and experience in using MS teams
Author: Khan Shadahmed , Modern College of Business and Science

Title: Effectiveness of Wireshark Tool for Detecting Attacks and Vulnerabilities in Network Traffic

Author: Nawal AL Mabsali, Modern College of Business and Science


Title: Person Identification by Models Trained using Left and Right Ear Images Independently

Author Resmi K R ,Santigiri College India

      Title: Blockchain in Securing the Data Integrity of College
Author: Majid, Modern College of Business and Science
QA Session QA Session
13:00 Lunch
  Session 9 Session 10

Title: Healthcare Information Exchange Using Blockchain and Machine Learning

Author: Istafa Al Busaidi , Modern College of Business and Science

  Title: Society, Cost of Migrants and Digital Economy Impact on Unemployment of Omani Youth: An Empirical Investigation of the Moderate Role                            
Author: Nabila Al Balushi Al Sharqiya University
  Title: IoT-Enabled Smart Cities: A Review of Security Frameworks, Privacy, Risks and Key Technologies 
Author: Dr. Basant, Modern College of Business and Science
  Title: Training a logistic regression machine learning model for spam email detection using the teaching-learning-based-optimization algorithm
Author: AA
  Title: Securing quantum communications
Author: Daniya Al Shabibi, Modern College of Business and Science
  Title:Wheat crop disease prediction using convolutional neural network                         
Author: Muhammed Abrar, Arab Open University
  Title: The Use of Machine Learning in Digital Forensics: Review Paper
Author: Yusra Al Balushi, Modern College of Business and Science
  Title:Media Law Challenges and Effects on Quality of Information – A Review                             
Author: Anfal Al Raisi, Modern College of Business and Science

Title: Utilization of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management - Case Study Ministry of Education, Oman

Author: Saif  Al Fahdi, Modern College of Business and Science

  Title: Impact of Twitter on Stock Market Performance: Evidence from Elom Musk and Tesla.
Author: Ajovan Caistakic, Singidinum University
QA Session QA Session
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 Closing Ceremony 
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