The topics covered in the conference

Models and Algorithms for Business

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Fusion Models, Pattern Recognition, Fuzzy Computing, Evolutionary Optimization, Swarm Intelligence, Signal Processing, Multi-level and Multi-view Modelling, Blockchain Technology

Business Data Science Applications

Big Data applications, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things, Healthcare Applications, Human and Social Behaviour Analysis, Smartphone Sensing based Applications, Business, Finance and Decision Making, Social network analysis, Robotics, and Embedded Systems

Data Science Challenges

Data Acquisition, Storage and Retrieval for Big Data, Data representation, and processing, Feature Engineering, Data and Information Quality, Data Granularity, Visualization, Large Scale Optimization, Data Security, Computation Security, Social Media Security & Privacy, Data Lake implementation, Customer Churn, Next Best Offer, Advanced Analytics, Process Automation, Sales Forecasting, Automated Insights, Predictive Customer Service, Ad-Targeting and Real-time Bidding, Blockchain and smart contracts,  Cryptocurrency, Trading algorithms, and Capital budgeting
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